You may have heard or seen HMRC’s adverts stating that tax does not have to be taxing. To some extent this is true if your affairs are simple and you have a few hours from time to time to sit down read the rules, do the calculations and complete the forms.

At Greenback Alan we can assure you that if we are completing your tax return it is even less taxing.

Whether you are paying your tax through PAYE or payment on account, there are certain dates every year where you need to take action. We will make sure you make these deadlines with the correct information supplied to HMRC and thus avoid any interest or penalties you may incur for not submitting information on time.

The UK tax system steadily increases in complication each year with each new budget and change in legislation. Different allowances and rates depending on your age and status can make this a minefield.

Sometimes a one off event may occur that requires advice. This could be in the form of a disposal or additional income. We can advise on how this should be treated and reported to HMRC.

If you appoint Greenback Alan to take care of your annual compliance we will take the time and complication away from you ensuring that you pay the right amount of tax at the right time. As a client you will have direct access to a Partner of the firm at all times.