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You may have heard or seen HMRC’s adverts stating that tax does not have to be taxing. To some extent this is true if your affairs are simple and you have a few hours from time to time to sit down read the rules, do the calculations and complete the forms.


HM Revenue & Customs may decide to look at your tax affairs for a number of reasons. In all cases it is important the correct strategy is used to ensure that the enquiry or investigation is completed as quickly and cost effectively as possible.


There are many clichés regarding tax. For most people they are negative and the outlook remains gloomy.

Expatriate tax

The personal tax affairs of expatriates can often be complex and depend on careful interpretation of detailed rules.


A Trust (or a Settlement) is a structure which is most commonly set up by an individual in order to hold cash or assets for one or more beneficiaries.


A Will is one of the most important documents that an individual should complete, but sadly many people simply do not get around to it and as a result risk leaving a complicated muddle for their family to unravel.