Brad Johnson

“With increasing  EU bureaucracy gone mad, it is widely recognised that VAT is no longer the “simple tax on goods and services” that it was sold as back at its inception in 1973. I actively enjoy advising my clients on Europe wide VAT planning arrangements to mitigate their VAT liabilities”.

Brad has 30 years of experience dealing with VAT, seven years initially with what was then HM Customs and Excise and thereafter with a specialist tax advisory firm and a major accountancy firm.

VAT can often be an especially complex tax and Brad seeks to present this in a way that is understandable and useful to large corporate entities, SMEs, not-for-profit organisations and private clients. Brad has extensive knowledge in areas where VAT is a key issue such as land and property, charities, international supply chains for services and goods, partial exemptions etc. This advice covers transactional matters, liability to VAT questions, disputes with HM Revenue and Customs and, not least,  non-aggressive but effective VAT planning. He regularly works closely with his tax colleagues and other professional advisers to ensure VAT is included within the overall planning structure for businesses.