Valuation services

We provide the financial knowledge and experience required for business and investment valuations including tax, accounting, and dispute resolution. We strive to become your advisor of choice in the increasingly complex area of valuations. There are many reasons why valuations may be needed, including financial reporting succession/estate planning purposes, regulatory requirements, litigation support, dispute resolution and transaction advisory.

We offer a wide range of business, and asset valuation, and related, services including:

  • valuing all types of businesses
  • providing transactional valuations, including eg share buybacks
  • advising on the required accounting treatment in accordance with current accounting standards – dealing with the detailed disclosure requirements of IFRS 2/FRS 20
  • valuing businesses and assets in shareholder disputes.
  • valuations for tax purposes eg:

– employee options and shares
– business assets such as goodwill
– 31 March 1982 values
– market values of gifts

  • valuing assets in matrimonial proceedings
  • valuing businesses for the purpose of sale – when you may need to decide what you think the shares or business are worth for commercial purposes
  • Expert Witness statements for litigation purposes

The use of business valuations is an integral part of corporate decision-making in today’s business environment.

Transparent and robust valuations are required to support today’s business transactions and meet important regulatory and accounting requirements. The process of assessing assets and liabilities is increasingly complex.

Businesses lenders, and institutional investors often need to obtain valuations to support major corporate transitions and decision-making. Acquisitions, divestitures, restructuring and supporting financial statement disclosure are just some of the areas where valuations are an essential business requirement.

The opinion of an independent third party can also help you decide which route to take when dealing with relationships and transactions with minority shareholders, employee ownership, and share option arrangements, and litigation and shareholder disputes.

We can guide you through challenging valuation issues irrespective of whether they arise from changes in ownership structures, capital management, or in response to the requirements of the regulatory environment.

Where circumstances do not merit a formal long form business valuation report, we are able to tailor accordingly. We can, for example, provide shorter form reports to assist with such as preliminary business value indications, clarification of financial issues, value provisions of a shareholder agreement, and critiques of valuation reports and so forth.